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Mojito Pre-Shave Oil

Image of Mojito Pre-Shave Oil

Our pre shave oil is a blend of nourishing oils designed to be applied to the skin prior to shaving. There are many benefits to adding this step to your shaving process. Pre shave oil will moisturize the skin and softens hair to prepare the skin for a smooth shave. It will also provide a layer of protection from the razor itself, which can reduce irritation, nicks, cuts and razor burn. Our oil is a blend designed to do just that, high in antioxidants and chosen for their ability to restore moisture, soften, and protect the skin. In addition, essential oils are chosen to enhance the experience. Lime works as an astringent, exfoliating and cleansing the skin, and is known to reduce acne. Peppermint soothes the skin, while eucalyptus and cedarwood work as an analgesic, decreasing irritation. Juniper is an antibacterial, and also works to tone the skin, while Tea Tree, known for its antibacterial and antifungal properties, decreases inflammation and fights acne. Feels so good you may not want to take it off, but oh how smooth your skin will be after!
Directions for use: Just a few drops are needed to spread across the area to be shaved. Wait a few minutes to allow the oils to work their magic. Then shave as usual, using your own favorite shaving soap or cream. Rinse and pat dry. Can be followed up with a skin conditioner, like “Mikes Citrus Ginger”, also available on our website.